Veterinary Hospitals in Baltimore MD

If you are looking for a veterinary hospital for your dog or cat, you have a lot of choices. From a large clinic in Baltimore to small, family-run establishments, there are several options to choose from. In this article, we’ll take a look at a few of them.

CityPets Veterinary Care & Wellness

CityPets Veterinary Care & Wellness provides a wide variety of services. They can help you with everything from a routine checkup to a complex surgical procedure. You can also take advantage of their treatment financing options. This is especially useful if you don’t have pet insurance, or you find yourself with an unexpected vet bill.

CityPets Veterinary Care specializes in treating sick pets. Those who need emergency care can call in six days a week. In addition, the staff will provide information about pet care, such as how to treat rat bait poisoning.

Baltimore Veterinary Hospital

A veterinary hospital is not just for pets. In fact, some of them are staffed by real people, not to mention humanoids. Some of them even have their own breweries. While the Baltimore veterinary community may be the best in the state, it is by no means the worst. To make sure you and your furry pals are well taken care of, check out the list below. Luckily, there are several to choose from in the area. Whether you are looking for a high tech or low key clinic, a comprehensive list of pet friendly medical facilities is at your fingertips.

CVCA Cardiac Care for Pets

CVCA Cardiac Care for Pets is an established veterinary cardiology practice with a history that goes back to 1987. They have 14 locations spread across four states. Their medical services are top notch and they have a knack for attracting talented individuals. The best thing about working at CVCA is the fact that the employees actually enjoy what they do and the results are often spectacular.

CVCA’s pet cardiology specialization is not limited to cats and dogs; they have also branched out into exotic pets and reptiles. It’s worth mentioning that the CVCA is not the only VCCA in town. They have a partnership with VCA SouthPaws in which they collaborate on research and education efforts.

ASPCA Baltimore

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation dedicated to preventing cruelty to animals. It works to improve the welfare of animals through disaster and cruelty interventions, animal rescue, and behavioral rehabilitation.

The ASPCA works with more than two million supporters and is a leader in veterinary and public health research. The organization also provides training and research opportunities for veterinary professionals. Since its inception in 1866, the ASPCA has been working to protect the animals we love. In addition to shelters, the ASPCA is involved with disaster and cruelty intervention programs, as well as community-based animal welfare programs.

Falls Road Animal Hospital

Veterinarians in Baltimore MD have been in business for around 80 years. This animal hospital in Baltimore, Maryland provides comprehensive veterinary services for pets in the DC metro area. Aside from its primary care services, the facility also offers grooming, day care, and boarding. In addition, it works with payment and financing options to make pet health care accessible to all owners.

The facility also features the largest kennel in Maryland. It employs about 41 people at its Falls Road location. Some of the most common pet medical services it provides include: pet vaccinations, wellness exams, and routine lab tests.

Hunt Valley Animal Hospital

Hunt Valley Animal Hospital is a certified veterinary hospital located in Cockeysville, Maryland. The hospital offers a wide range of services for dogs and cats. These services include ultrasound, laser therapy, hospitalization, telemedicine, minimally invasive surgery, and diagnostics.

The clinic is owned by Dr. Allan Frank, who has developed a reputation for advanced medical skills and progressive medicine. He focuses on pain management, end of life care, and open communication. He specializes in brachycephalic breeds. His practice also focuses on small mammals and ferrets.

In addition to providing a wide range of veterinary services, the clinic also accepts pet insurance. The staff at the practice strives to provide top-quality customer service. They are dedicated to spending time with their clients to understand their pet’s medical history.

Eastern Animal Hospital

Eastern Animal Hospital has been providing quality medical care for pets in the Baltimore area for more than 30 years. The veterinarian clinic offers an array of services, including in-patient treatment, diagnostic testing, wellness examinations and more.

Located at 2223 Eastern Avenue, Eastern Animal Hospital is a member of the PetSmart family of businesses. As part of this partnership, Eastern Animal Hospital offers low-interest financing and instant approvals for pet insurance. Its facility also includes doggie daycare and a luxury pet hotel. In addition to providing veterinary service, the hospital is also a partner of Canton Dog Park, Friends of Patterson Park, the Maryland Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter.